The amount of earnings that a SecureAge Ambassador can withdraw from their account is based from commissions made from referred sales transactions that are more than 6 months from the date of withdrawal.

Commission Rate at 25%

This is to account for any returns & chargebacks that may happen during this period. SecureAge is dedicated to provide SecureAPlus users with software and support that they are satisfied with. This is reflected through the 180-Day Money Back Guarantee for SecureAPlus Premium users.

This can be easily be tracked by taking a look at the Ambassador Program Summary Page under the My Available Balance for Withdrawal.

More on the 100% Moneyback Guarantee

How to Withdraw Ambassador Earnings

SecureAge Ambassadors can withdraw their earnings through the following steps:

1. On the side bar, click Request Withdrawal. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click on Withdraw Earnings.

2. Depending on the amount being withdrawn, there may be additional security measures to ensure that your earnings are being legitimately withdrawn by the owner of the account.

Email Verification

Email verification is done upon upgrading as a SecureAge Ambassador. Should the Ambassador change the PayPal Account details, then a new Email Verification will be sent again to ensure that the change is legitimately done by the owner of the account.


Once the Paypal Account has been verified, there will be no verification needed for the first withdrawals under $101.


Ambassadors can easily check their Withdrawal History for their reference.

No SMS Withdrawal

SMS Verification

If the Ambassador requests to withdraw an amount of $101-999, provided that this amount is available for withdrawal (as reflected on the Ambassador Summary page), an SMS Verification will be sent to the mobile phone number indicated on the Ambassador Profile page.


Illustration 1:

The Ambassador has an Available Balance for Withdrawal of $350 and has requested to withdraw all of it. During the withdrawal process, he/she will receive an SMS verification code that needs to be entered on the withdrawal page. Only upon entering the code received will the requested money be transferred to the Ambassador’s Paypal Account.

Withdraw Ambassador Earnings - SMS1

An SMS Verification will also be sent for single or multiple withdrawal requests, cumulatively or from a single transaction – whichever comes first to go beyond $100-milestones.


Illustration 2:

The Ambassador makes withdrawal requests on different dates (due to a limited Available Balance for Withdrawal on each occasion) in the following order – $45, $40, $60, $60, and $65.

Withdraw Ambassador Earnings - SMS2

On the 3rd withdrawal request of $60, an SMS Verification will be sent ($45 + $40 + $60 = $145).

Withdraw Ambassador Earnings - SMS2

The next SMS Verification will be sent on the 4th withdrawal request (145 + 60 = 205).

Withdraw Ambassador Earnings - SMS2

There will be no verification on the last withdrawal request (205 + 65 < 300).

Withdraw Ambassador Earnings - SMS2

Physical (Mailing) Address Verification

A Physical (Mailing) Address Verification needs to be done when an Ambassador’s withdrawals amount to the first $1,000, either with a single request or cumulatively through multiple requests.


This is only done on the first $1,000 accumulated withdrawals. At any time after upgrading to a SecureAge Ambassador, he/she can visit his Ambassador Profile, click on Verify Address and SecureAge Technology will send the Verification Code to the address indicated.


Upon the Withdrawal Request that breaks $1,000 (either single or cumulatively), a request for the Physical Address Verification Code will be made.


Once the Ambassador receives the verification code via mail, he/she can enter the code on the Ambassador Profile page to complete the verification process.


Upon completing the verification process, withdrawals requests that go beyond the first $1,000 milestone can now be made and the money will be transferred to the PayPal Account indicated on Ambassador Profile.


Important Note on Changing Ambassador Profile Details

Changing the PayPal Account or the Physical (Mailing) Address details on the Ambassador Profile will require another verification check for each. This is done for security purposes.

3. Upon passing the applicable verification process (SMS or Physical Address), the requested amount will be transferred to the Ambassador’s PayPal Account as indicated on the Ambassador Profile and an email receipt of the transfer will be sent to the Ambassador’s SecureAPlus Account Email.

It is advised that Ambassadors immediately check their PayPal Account and their Withdrawal History pages after the completion of any withdrawal request.

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