The Policy Add-On feature allows users to implement pre-defined customized settings to a SecureAPlus installation. This feature is useful for multiple device management among different groups of computer users in an organization but is just as useful as a form of Parental Control feature for multiple PCs at home.

As an Add-On feature, Policies can only be added to SecureAPlus Premium license purchases.

Policies are managed from the SecureAPlus Portal so a SecureAPlus Portal Account is required to take advantage of the feature. This also allows SecureAPlus Premium users to remotely manage applied policies of their devices as long as there is an available internet connection to the user and the SecureAPlus installation.

Use of SecureAPlus Policy feature involves two steps:

Policy Creation

SecureAPlus Portal users have ready access to the policy creation process. There is no limit to the number of policies that can be created for an account. A SecureAPlus Policy comprises of settings that can be normally configured directly from the client. In creating different policies, different SecureAPlus settings can implemented on the fly to one or more installations remotely.

How to Create a SecureAPlus Policy

Policy Assignment

Once a SecureAPlus Policy is created, users can then implement it to SecureAPlus Premium installations with the Policy Add-On. Only one policy is active at a time and it takes around 5 minutes for a new policy to be applied upon assigning a new policy to an associated device.

How to Assign a SecureAPlus Policy

How to Add Device to a SecureAPlus Portal Account

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