When SecureAPlus is in the Lockdown Mode, any untrusted files which try to execute will be blocked automatically without prompting you for further actions. This mode is advisable to be used by inexperienced new users who are unable to decide which program to trust or allow to run.

Follow these instructions to change your Standard Application Whitelisting Mode to Lockdown Mode if you are using the other modes:

From SecureAPlus Main Console

  1. In SecureAPlus Main Console window, click on the Lockdown icon.

  1. Your SecureAPlus Main Console will be set to Lockdown Mode.

From Desktop Taskbar

  1. Right-click on SecureAPlus tray icon, select Application Whitelisting on the menu and click Lockdown Mode.


  1. The SecureAPlus icon in the system tray will display the Lockdown icon to indicate that Application Whitelisting mode is currently in the Lockdown Mode.


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