SecureAPlus Freemium is free for 12 Months. When SecureAPlus license has expired, the following features will be disabled:

  • Automatic update for virus definition database and software version
  • Blocking of untrusted application – Application Whitelisting will only operate in Trust All mode instead of the default Interactive mode that prompts you when you tries to run a new application
  • Universal AV scanning

You can still perform on-demand scanning using ClamAV, but not Universal AV.

Once your SecureAPlus has expired, there are 2 ways to extend your license usage.

(1) Under the section of Viral Security Program in your SecureAPlus Account Portal, earn points through the various actions available to exchange it to extend your Freemium license for your machine. The higher the points, the longer the duration of the license extension.  Do note that this is only available for Freemium license

 Extend my Freemium License

(2) Upgrade to Premium license. You get to enjoy more features that are not available in Freemium to give you the extra protection that your machine needed.

Upgrade to Premium License

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