Once your SecureAPlus Pro/Essentials License expires, it will be converted to SecureAPlus Lite.

You still enjoy the core features – APEX Engine, Application Control & Whitelisting, and Universal AV, but with lesser options for customization.

For a full list of features that you retain with SecureAPlus Lite, please refer to the SecureAPlus plan comparison page.

Once your SecureAPlus Pro/Essentials has expired, there are 2 ways to extend your upgraded license usage.

(1) Under the section of SecureAPlus Add up Program in your SecureAPlus Account Portal, earn points through the various actions available to exchange it for a SecureAPlus Essentials license for your machine. The higher the points, the longer the duration of the license.  Do note that this is only available for SecureAPlus Essentials license (not the Pro License).

 Extend my SecureAPlus Essentials License

(2) Upgrade to SecureAPlus Pro license. You get to enjoy more features that are not available in SecureAPlus Lite to give you the extra protection that your machine needs.

Upgrade to SecureAPlus Pro License

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