SecureAge Ambassadors have the freedom to choose their method of promoting SecureAPlus and inserting their unique Affiliate Code. Below are just a few suggested ways to do so:

Learn How to Earn Money with SecureAPlus

Create Newsworthy Announcements

Viruses threaten the very lives of netizens daily and there are plenty of developments in internet security that may warrant a mention of SecureAPlus. Alternatively, there may be new and upcoming changes in SecureAPlus which Ambassadors may wish to create their own spin.

SecureAPlus News Article

Whatever their fancy, a mention of SecureAPlus along with something relevant that interests their audience is a quick way to get their affiliate code on the web for people to discover.

Write a Review / Preview of SecureAPlus

Happy with using SecureAPlus? Write a review about it. It’s a good way for people to stop and take notice of both our software and your writing prowess. Prospective users usually read software (even the free ones) reviews before they commit to installing and using them.

SecureAPlus TechReview Sample

Writing a short or a comprehensive review of SecureAPlus is an attractive way of generating new and unique content for your site or blog. It also doesn’t hurt to know that there aren’t many dedicated reviews of SecureAPlus on the web, which means there’s a higher chance people discover your site for it and increase the likelihood your affiliate links are used prior to a purchase.

Alternatively, if SecureAPlus is running a Beta Program and you are a part of it, you can create much more unique content with doing a preview.

Don’t forget that when published, you can submit these to earn points for the Viral Security Program as well.

Include SecureAPlus on a List of Recommendations

If a review is too big of a commitment, why not include it on a list of recommendations. SecureAPlus may not be the only solution you like. That’s fine and well too. Just consider including it along with other solutions you prefer and see if there is enough interest to warrant committing to a full review.

Send Email Invites with Your Referral Code/Link

Give the referral email a spin by including your exclusive discount. You can earn points by using the email referral from the Viral Security Program, but why not take this further by sending out custom emails to give them an exclusive discount using your affiliate links? Besides earning a little extra, your referred users also enjoy a good deal.

Post on Social Media

Simply share your Affiliate Link to any of your Social Media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use this in conjunction with any of the above suggestions. Instead of just sharing an affiliate link, share the content you created (news, recommendations, list posts, etc.) that have your affiliate link.

SecureAPlus on Facebook

And Many More…

There plenty of other unique ways you can include your Affiliate Code & Link. As long as it doesn’t violate any laws and site rules or alienates your readers, feel free to try out whatever works for you and your audiences.

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