Sending the new executable files to 2nd Opinion Scanner for scanning will help you to decide whether to trust it when the hashes do not exist in the Universal AV.

For file not trusted with no hashes existing in the Universal AV and executed, Application Whitelisting will notify you of further actions.

Follow these instructions to send hashes that do not exist in the Universal AV:

  1. Click on the (>) button within the “Get Second Opinion Online” section to send it online for analysis.


  1. If the second opinion scanner already has a record of the file and has an existing diagnosis, this will be immediately shown.

If it has not been uploaded by any other user before, you may see the following screen:

You would have to upload the blocked file to the second opinion scanner for diagnosis – users can easily open the location of the blocked file by clicking on the filename from the application whitelisting prompt. This will open a Windows Explorer window showing the file that can be easily dragged and drop to the browser second opinion scanning page.


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