SecureAPlus users enjoy 24/7 protection by having Universal AV continuously scan your computer even while it is turned off. SecureAPlus Premium users have the added benefit of receiving an email notification whenever any of Universal AV’s cloud anti-virus engines detect a virus on a device with SecureAPlus Premium installed.

Here is how to set it up,

  1. Log in to your SecureAPlus Account and click on Settings.


  1. On the Settings page, enter the email address where you want to receive the email notification. You can enter more than one email address if you prefer to receive it from multiple inboxes.


  1. Click on Save to apply the changes. Clicking on Test Send will request a test email be sent to the email address you entered (see below).


You’re done! You will now receive email notifications whenever Universal AV detects viruses or malware on any of the Premium devices added to your SecureAPlus Account.

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