SecureAPlus Pro users can remotely manage the whitelist of their SecureAPlus installations through the use of the SecureAPlus Account Portal.

Remote online whitelist management comes in two forms:

Central Whitelist Management via My Approved Whitelist

For users who have multiple SecureAPlus Pro installations, a central whitelist of applications and files can be maintained and pushed to existing and new installations of SecureAPlus Pro. This lets privileged users (i.e. IT Administrators) to already whitelist a file or application remotely without having to launch the application on the device itself.

How to Use My Approved Whitelist for Central Whitelist Management

Review and Approve File Whitelist Requests

When non-privileged users (i.e. non-admin accounts) try to launch an untrusted application which is blocked, they can request approval to whitelist the file. The privileged user can then view the request in full detail (filename, Universal AV diagnosis, etc.) and approve the request permanently or temporarily. It is also possible to add the file to the My Approved Whitelist for deployment to other SecureAPlus installations managed by the user.

How to View and Approve Whitelist Requests