SecureAPlus is a unique Windows PC security solution that combines SecureAge Technology’s powerful Application Whitelisting technology with 10+ Anti-Virus engines in the cloud.

With that being the case, it is easy to review and judge it as merely a multi-Antivirus software or as an executable blocker with pop-up prompts.

This is not the case, and we would like reviewers to go past that perception.

Information on Application Whitelisting Testing

At its very core, SecureAPlus is an Application Whitelisting software.

Its three main functions are:

  • To automatically create an Application Whitelist from the User’s existing system
  • To effectively block all untrusted applications and scripts from running freely and potentially harm a PC
  • To easily update and maintain the Application Whitelist

To give SecureAPlus a fair evaluation of what it is set to do, we recommend reviewers to note the following:

Let the Initial Full System Scan finish

SecureAPlus uses the Initial Full System Scan to build the user’s whitelist based on what is already in the system. SecureAPlus works much more effectively if the user’s whitelist is already done.

Do not have the folder of Viruses and Malware you intend to test on it inside the PC before installing SecureAPlus

All files and folders at the time of installation will be trusted by default. If viruses and malware are already in the system before installing SecureAPlus, Application Whitelisting will not block them.

Reviewers can, however, transfer these files while the Initial scan is already/still in progress.

PC may Slowdown during the Initial Full System Scan

Like all other full system scans, SecureAPlus uses hardware resources to process it. SecureAPlus automatically keeps performance drain to very low levels whenever the user is actively interacting with the PC (i.e., moving mouse & typing on the keyboard).

When the user’s computer is idle, SecureAPlus will try to use more memory to speed up the scan. The varying selectable speeds during the Initial Full System Scan is the limits imposed to SecureAPlus as to the amount of processing power and memory the user is allocating.

Whenever Application Whitelisting is Prompting, SecureAPlus is Blocking/Protecting

A file, application, or script detected by Application Whitelisting and is prompting the user (in Interactive Mode) is still blocked. Regardless of a positive or negative diagnosis, at the point of prompting SecureAPlus has succeeded in preventing a potentially malicious file from running/auto-running.

Simply closing the prompt or ignoring it entirely will keep the application blocked until the “Trust & Run” option is selected or the user manually trusts (right-click and choose “Trusted” on the trust level) the file.

Further Information on Anti-Virus Components Testing

SecureAPlus comes with Universal AV (10+ Anti-Viruses) and an optional Offline AV. Reviewers should also note the following when reviewing its Antivirus capabilities:

Initial Universal AV Scan Results

Universal AV only scans the initial system state in the cloud upon finishing the initial full system scan. As there may be a lot of initial files, it might take a while for the cloud servers to return with the result. However, Universal AV does actively scan and diagnose new files introduced to the PC after SecureAPlus is installed.

Universal AV and Offline AV Can be Disabled

When disabled from the settings, SecureAPlus users will not be able to do quick full system scans as well as right-click scanning of particular files or folders. This also means that viruses and malware introduced to the PC will not be detected while the scanners are off.

When these viruses and malware do decide to run, Application Whitelisting will still block them. However, there will be no diagnosis available with the prompt due to the scanners being disabled. Please do not turn the scanners off if you intend to test the anti-virus component.

Offline AV is Optional

Users can forego installing the Offline AV. This is strongly encouraged when the user intends to or already has an existing Anti-Virus software that they would like to continue using. Application Whitelisting, Universal AV, and prompting will still work without Offline AV.

Requesting Review Copies of SecureAPlus Pro

Interested to get a copy of SecureAPlus Pro for testing? Email us!

Do note that the decision to grant SecureAPlus Pro licenses for review is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

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