SecureAPlus occasionally releases a beta version of its products that is available for testing by willing users.

Joining the Beta Program

Interested users who wish to try the Beta Version will have to login to a SecureAPlus Account and update it to Beta status from the left sidebar.

For full details of the Beta Program including mechanics and prizes please visit the Full Announcement.

Downloading the Client

Upon accepting the Beta Tester agreement, the option to download  the Beta will become available.


Simply download the client from the SecureAPlus Account Beta page and install it.

Installing the Client

Installing the client is the same as with installing the public release of SecureAPlus.

If you are installing the Beta Client over an existing version of SecureAPlus, there are a few things to do or keep in mind:

1. On your current (public release) version of SecureAPlus, disable auto-update to prevent the client from auto-updating to the public release version after you have installed the beta. You can do this by:

App Settings > Update > Click either “Notify me for new update”* or “Manual update

* We highly recommend that you switch to “Notify Update”

2. Reboot your computer after disabling Auto-Updates.

3. Install the Beta by opening the Beta installer. This will install over your existing public release version and will not require doing the initial whitelisting process all over again.

4. Upon completing the Beta installer, it is highly recommended that you reboot your PC one more time and check if your update settings are still intact.

By doing the above, the Beta Client will not automatically download the latest public release of SecureAPlus over the Beta installation.

For further information visit the SecureAPlus Beta website.


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