A central whitelist of applications and files can be maintained and pushed to existing and new installations of SecureAPlus Pro with the Policy Add-On. This lets privileged users (i.e. IT Administrators) to already whitelist a file or application remotely without having to launch the application on the device itself.

Follow the steps below to use My Approved Whitelist for central whitelist management.

1. Log in to your SecureAPlus portal.

2. On the SecureAPlus Account Portal Summary page, click on My Approved Whitelist.

3. On the My Approved Whitelist page, you will see your list of approved whitelist.

Follow these instructions below to add, edit and remove applications from your approved whitelist.

Add Application or File to Approved Whitelist

1. Click the Add Whitelist button.

2. On the Add Whitelist page, click the Browse button to browse for the application or file to be added to the whitelist.

3. Choose the Trust Level for the application or file and enter a remark (optional).

What are the Trust Levels in Application Whitelisting

4. Click on the Add button.

5. The newly added application or file should appear in the approved whitelist.

Edit Trust Level of an Application or File on the Approved Whitelist

1. Select an approved application or file from the whitelist by clicking on the file name.

2. On the Update Whitelist page, make the necessary changes to the trust level and click the Update button.

Remove Approved Whitelist

1. Select the application or file you wish to be deleted from the list and click on the X icon under the Delete column.

2. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Click on OK to remove the application or file from the approved whitelist.