When you install SecureAPlus, the installation process uses the configuration parameters in the autoconf.ini file. Settings for the license key, ClamAV virus definitions, mass installations, and management server configurations are included in this file. You can edit this file to change the parameters.

Depending on your users, you may need to show a different Request Whitelist Approval message as appropriate to your environment. You can set the Request Whitelist Approval message displayed on the SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting screen by specifying the message that the users see through the autoconf.ini file.

To set a custom message for the request for whitelist approval in autoconf.ini

1. Open notepad.exe.

2. Type the following lines (or copy & paste them):

RequestForApprovalMessage = If you require access to this file, please contact your help desk or IT Support.

3. Save the file as autoconf.ini.

4. Place the autoconf.ini file with the SecureAPlus installer in the same folder.

5. Install SecureAPlus. Once the installation is completed, if a user attempts to launch an untrusted file, they will see the corresponding Request For Approval Message on their SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting screen.