The Password Protected settings feature is only available to SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials Users. If for any reason that this feature was enabled but is inaccessible due to a lost or forgotten password, then a password reset is needed to restore access to the SecureAPlus settings.

There are two methods to reset the password that has been set to protect your SecureAPlus settings:

Recommended Method: Temporarily Deactivate the License

This method is recommended as it does not involve uninstallation (see further below) and manages to keep all your current settings and whitelist intact. Doing so requires two things:

  • Access to the SecureAPlus client with a SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials License that has its settings locked behind a password.
  • Access to the SecureAPlus Portal account where both the SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials, and the Device is associated with.

If the above requirements are met, follow the steps outlined below to reset the password for the Protected Settings:

1. Log in to SecureAPlus Account Portal

2. Once you have logged in and directed to the home page of SecureAPlus Account Portal, click My Devices which can be found at the left sidebar of the Account section.

3. Find your current PC with the SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials License. It will have an X under the Deactivation column. Click on the button to temporarily deactivate and disassociate the SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials License from the device. Doing so will revert the license back to the Lite License.

4. Now that you are on a SecureAPlus Lite License and SecureAPlus no longer has the Password Protected Settings feature, you can reset the password by going back to your SecureAPlus window to turn it off. Note that while the Toggle shows On, the feature will not work as it requires a SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials License to do so. Simply click on the toggle to switch it to Off and disable Password Protected Settings.

5. In order to turn on password-protected settings again, you will need to re-activate the SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials license to enable the feature. Simply copy and paste the license on SecureAPlus Main Console (Launch SecureAPlus > Info & Licenses > License) and click Apply.

6. Once the license has been re-activated, do check your SecureAPlus Account Portal (under My Devices) to see if your new Device ID has been linked up with the SecureAPlus Pro and Essentials License. If not, refer to this post for further instructions.

7. You can then follow the steps in using the Password Protected Settings feature. To learn more about how to set Password Protected Setting, click here.