SecureAPlus Pro users can remotely manage the whitelist of their SecureAPlus installations through the use of the SecureAPlus Account Portal. Remote online whitelist management comes in two forms: Central Whitelist Management via My Approved Whitelist or Review and Approve File Whitelist Requests.

More on SecureAPlus Pro Remote Whitelist Management Features

For users who wish to whitelist Windows files (after a major update), you can do so by following the steps below:

Pre-requisite: Whitelist Windows files

  1. Firstly, on a sample machine that has SecureAPlus installed and implemented with Windows update, ensure that the necessary Windows files have been whitelisted.
  2. Export the whitelist by following the method below:
    • Launch SecureAPlus > App Settings
    • In the App Settings menu, click on Application Whitelisting > Advanced Settings
    • In the Whitelist¬†tab, click on the Export Whitelist¬†button.
    • Retain the whitelist file name and file extension as it is (sawhitelist.dat).

Next, there are two ways in which you can import the whitelist into the target machines.

Method 1

  1. Copy the exported sawhitelist.dat into C:\Program Files\SecureAge\Whitelist folder.
  2. Next, use the following command line to import the file: C:\Program Files\SecureAge\Whitelist\saappsvc.exe /install

Method 2

  1. Put your sawhitelist.dat file at the location where everybody can access, for example, \\MyServer\public\sawhitelist.dat
  2. Next, use the following command line to import the whitelist: C:\Program Files\SecureAge\Whitelist\SecureAPlusUI.exe /import ” \\MyServer\public\sawhitelist.dat