Simply click on a reward found under the section of Viral Security Program in your SecureAPlus Account Portal and if you have enough points, it’ll automatically exchange it to extend the Freemium license of your machine.

Do note that this is only available for Freemium user license. If you are currently on Premium License, you will not be able to extend your license using Viral Security Program. You can do so either by (1) deactivating your Premium License or (2) extending only when your Premium License expired.

Follow these instructions to extend your Freemium user license:

  1. Launch SecureAPlus by clicking on the SecureAPlus tray icon.


  1. Click on Info & License > License and click on Extend Freemium to launch the SecureAPlus Account Portal.


  1. After logging in to your SecureAPlus Account Portal, click on Extend Freemium found at the Viral Security Program section.

  1. Based on the points you have accumulated, you can click on the one of boxes that are in green to extend your Freemium license.


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