There are 2 active SecureAPlus components that are running in real-time:

  1. Application Whitelisting
  2. Antivirus

To disable Application whitelisting, you may choose one of the following method:

Observation Mode

Any new files created during observation mode will not be trusted, but they will be allowed to run during observation mode.

Observation Mode will be retained, even when the computer is rebooted.

If you would like to trust the files after switching back from observation mode, you can manually trust the file.

Learn more about observation mode or how to set trust levels for your file

Trust All Mode

All untrusted executable files that run in this mode will be automatically trusted.

Trust all mode will be reset when the computer is rebooted.

Learn more about what trust mode is about

To disable the Antivirus:

  • Turn off real-time scanning.

If there is any other third party antivirus (e.g. Windows Defender), the third party antivirus may take over the rule.

You may need to check on how to disable the third party antivirus.