Only users with pro licenses will be able to create a SecureAPlus Policy.

A SecureAPlus Policy is a collection of pre-defined SecureAPlus settings that can be easily deployed and imposed to attached SecureAPlus Pro devices with the Policy Add-on feature.

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Follow the steps below to create a SecureAPlus Policy in your SecureAPlus portal.

1. Log in to your SecureAPlus Portal.

2. On the SecureAPlus Account Portal Summary page, click on My Policies.

3. On the My Policies page, click on the Add policy button.

4. On the Policy Details page, under the General tab, enter a name for the policy. Make sure to use a name that will help in identifying this policy from the default and other policies (i.e. name of a department, company user type, privilege level, etc.).

5. After naming the policy, you may begin pre-defining a collection of customized settings for a linked SecureAPlus installation.

You can change the default whitelisting mode and scan settings.


You can manage the default script interpreters.


Customize how external USB storage devices are treated when inserted and many more.


Note that the “Inherit Default” toggle and drop-down choices mean that the pre-defined settings that as determined by the SecureAPlus team (i.e. software default settings) will be taken into account in addition to anything that the user has set.

Once all settings have been finalized for the policy, click on “Save” to add this to your “My Policy” list or implement any of the changes if you were editing an existing listed policy.

After creating a policy you can then assign it to SecureAPlus Pro installation linked to your account with the Policy Add-On feature.

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