When you face issues while using SecureAPlus, it is mandatory for our experts to refer to your logs to resolve the issues you are facing. To provide an appropriate solution for your issue, you must send log files and notify us via e-mail.

From version 4.10.0 onwards, you can send the log files to the SecureAPlus Support Team with a click of a button.

Launch SecureAPlus > Info & Licenses > Diagnosis > Support > Click Send to Server

Do use “Report SecureAPlus Issues” as the email subject line and include the following in the content: SecureAPlus ID, windows operating system version, SecureAPlus version, name of other antivirus software and the version (if there are any), if there are any as well as the description of the issue encountered.

Reporting of SecureAPlus issues will take some time before results/fixes may be implemented. It is advised to provide as much information as possible to allow us to understand the issue better.

Click here to send logs from an earlier version of SecureAge

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