A SecureAPlus Policy is a collection of pre-defined SecureAPlus settings that can be easily deployed and imposed to attached SecureAPlus Premium devices with the Policy Add-on feature.

You would need to set a Policy first before you can add one to any of your devices.

How to Create a SecureAPlus Policy

Follow the steps below to assign a SecureAPlus Policy to your SecureAPlus machine.

  1. Login to your SecureAPlus portal.
  2. On the SecureAPlus Account Portal Summary page, click on My Policies.
  3. On the My Policies page, click on the view device icon for the selected policy under View Device column.
  4. Under the Available Devices section on the right,

4a. To assign one or multiple device(s) to the policy, select the device ID. Click on the < button to assign the device(s) to the policy

4b. To assign all device to the policy, click on the << button to assign all the devices to the policy.

Note that if at least one or more of the selected devices is already assigned to an existing policy, assigning it to a new policy will replace the previous policy. Make use of the search filters to narrow down your results to avoid accidentally adding devices to the wrong policy.

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