SecureAPlus Premium License is per PC basis therefore you will have to disassociate the premium license from your current PC in order to transfer it to another PC. The license expiry date will remain the same despite activating it on a new PC. This means that the license does not restart its duration again just because you activated it on another PC.

Do note that this is only available for Premium user license.

Follow these instructions if you are looking to transfer your current SecureAPlus Premium license to another PC:

  1. Log in to SecureAPlus Account Portal
  2. Once you have logged in and directed to the home page of SecureAPlus Account Portal, click My Devices which can be found on at the side bar of Account section.

Click My Device

  1. Find your current PC with the Premium License and click on the X button to deactivate it. This will allow you to disassociate the Premium License from the current PC.

Click Deactivate

  1. On the PC that you intended to transfer your Premium license to, simply copy and paste the license on SecureAPlus Main Console (Launch SecureAPlus > Info & Licenses > License) and click Apply.


  1. Once the license has been re-activated, do check your SecureAPlus Account Portal (under My Devices) to see if your new Device ID has been linked up with the Premium License. If not, refer to this post for further instructions.

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