To manage the list of trusted certificates,

  1. Launch SecureAPlus > App Settings

  1. In the App Settings menu, click on Application Whitelisting > Advanced Settings

  1. In the Trusted Certificate tab, you can choose to manage the list of trusted certificates which are being used by the applications. Applications with their certificate listed under the Trusted Certificate list will be trusted.

Follow these instructions below to add, remove and refresh your trusted certificate:

Add Trusted Certificate

  1. Click the Add button.

  1. In Add Trusted Certificate from File, click on Browse button to select the executable. Then click Add, otherwise, you can click Cancel to exit the Add Trusted Certificate from File window.

  1. The newly added trusted certificate will be added to the list.

Remove Trusted Certificate

  1. Checked on the trusted certificate from the list and click the Remove button.

  1. The selected trusted certificate will be removed from the list.

Refresh Trusted Certificate

  1. Click the Refresh button.

  1. The Trusted Certificate list will be refreshed and updated.

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