In cases where internet connectivity needs to be dedicated to a particular process or processes, SecureAPlus can be set to temporarily disable the upload of sample executable files. A common example would be when playing an online game or streaming video, both of which require a large amount of internet bandwidth.

SecureAPlus users can choose to temporarily disable the upload of sample executable files until the internet intensive bandwidth activity has concluded. This is only temporary, and it will be switched back on after your device is rebooted.

Do note that SecureAPlus will automatically disable Universal AV upload if any application is currently and actively in full-screen when Game Mode is enabled. There is no need for the user to manually disable the auto upload of sample file when Game Mode is already turned on.

Follow these instructions to manually disable or enable the upload (when Game Mode is not turned on):

Launch SecureAPlus > App Settings > Universal AV

Turn off the Auto Upload Sample File to disable upload.

Likewise, if you want to enable the upload of sample executable files, turn on the Auto Upload Sample File.

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