Follow these instructions to check the details for Universal AV:

1. In SecureAPlus Main Console window, click on the View UAV Status button.

2. The SecureAPlus Status window will appear, showing the current state of the Universal AV. The latest details of the Universal AV scan results will be displayed.

The meaning of the displayed contents

Universal AV Description
Universal AV Status The current Universal AV status of the machine.
Infected Files
Currently on my PC The number of infected files found on the local hard disks detected by the Universal AV.
Ignored The number of infected files which are being ignored.
Executable Files Requested by Server Today
Successfully uploaded executable files The number of executable files which are successfully uploaded to the server.
Total file size uploaded (bytes) The total file size uploaded to the server on the current day itself.

You can do a full system scan by clicking on the Full System Scan button.

3. Click on the number of infected files Currently on my PC or Ignored to view the threats details of the files.

Ignored Files

Currently on my PC

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