By default, SecureAPlus is set to trust files as a trusted installer based on their digital signature and allow an application with a valid digital signature to be trusted as an installer if its certificate name is found in the Trusted Certificate list. Hence, some applications can be promoted into a Trusted Installer without prompting the user. By adding the application in the Restricted Applications list, it will not automatically bring in other applications that may potentially harm the user’s system.

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For example: Google Chrome can download, extract or copy files from external sources and some of the files may be harmful to the system. If you are downloading a new installer using Google Chrome, Google Chrome can be automatically set to trusted installer without any permission from the user as Google Chrome is signed and trusted. Hence, everything that Google Chrome has created will automatically be trusted. To avoid that, you have to set chrome.exe as a restricted application in the Restricted Applications List.

To set applications as restricted applications,

  1. Launch SecureAPlus > App Settings

  1. In the App Settings menu, click on Application Whitelisting > Advanced Settings

  1. In the Restricted Applications tab, you can choose to set the application as a restricted application (trusted application with restrictions) in which any new files created by it will not be automatically trusted.

Restricted Application cannot be set to Trusted Installer without removing it from the restricted application list. If you try to set to Trusted Installer, you will receive a prompt as shown below:


Follow these instructions below to add, edit and remove your restricted applications:

Add Restricted Application

  1. Click the Add button.

  1. In Restricted Applications window, click on Browse to select the restricted application executable or enter the file name without path, or full path file name. Then click Add, otherwise, click Cancel to exit the Add Restricted Application window.

  1. The newly added restricted application will be added to the list.

Edit Restricted Application

  1. Select a restricted application from the list and double-click on it till you see a text box. Make necessary changes and hit the Enter key.

Remove Restricted Application

  1. Check on the restricted application from the list that you want to remove and click the Remove button

Refresh Restricted Application

  1. Click the Refresh button.

  1. The Restricted Applications list will be refreshed and updated.

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