For information on how to launch the SecureAPlus for Android Main Window, click here.

This is how the SecureAPlus for Android Main Window looks like once you have launched it.

Side Menu

For more information on how to navigate through the menu, click here.

App Locker

App locker allows you to lock your private apps by using a pattern. This keeps the apps safe from someone fiddling with your phone while you are away. This way you no longer have to worry about someone accessing certain apps that you feel might be private such as social media apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, apps that have access to sensitive information like your phone’s file manager, photo gallery, and even banking apps.

To lock your applications using SecureAPlus for Android, click here.

Full System Scan

SecureAPlus For Android scans applications (User and System applications) on your phone using the Universal AV which has real-time protection against new and potential threats that are being downloaded to your phone.

To run a full system (User and System applications) scan on SecureAPlus for Android, click here.

Scan File

SecureAPlus for Android can scan particular files on the system for users who prefer a targeted approach to security.

To learn how to manually scan files on your Android phone using SecureAPlus for Android, click here.