There are some significant changes to SecureAPlus which will take into effect from 2 July 2019. If you’ve been a user of SecureAPlus before this date, this support article will address everything you need to know about transitioning your existing installation and licenses.

What are the main changes?

SecureAPlus will now be available in three versions – Lite, Essentials, and Pro.

Will I still get all the 3 core features of Application Control, APEX AI-powered engine, and the Universal AV?

Yes. Lite, Essentials, and Pro all have access to the above features.

Is there going to be a perpetually free version?

Yes. SecureAPlus Lite is available for free forever.

What are the main differences between Lite, Essentials, and Pro?
  Lite Essentials Pro
Price/Year Free TBA TBA
Features Core Features. Limited Control. Expanded Features and Controls. All Features and Controls.
Multi-Device Management via the Cloud No Yes Yes
Management Server Integration for Enterprise No Yes Ye
Windows Server OS Support No* Yes Yes
Email Support No. Refer to Support Pages. Yes Yes (Priority)
Policy Controls No No Yes
Optional Paid 3rd-Party** Offline AV built-in integration No Yes Yes

* Server versions that are no longer on Pro or Essentials will revert to Lite with no Application Control/Whitelisting features

** Offline Anti-Virus powered by Avira available for purchase as an upgrade to Pro licenses

Why even change SecureAPlus?

We wanted to make SecureAPlus and its multi-layered security approach accessible to more users. Making a version that’s totally free with all core features reduces friction for new users to try and keep it indefinitely if they are happy with it.

Why have multiple paid versions instead of just having one like last time?

The introduction of advanced features like Policy Support as well as advanced settings like disabling trust based on digital signatures is very complex to implement.

Having more than just one paid version makes SecureAPlus accessible to home users and small businesses who wanted more fine-tuned controls and multi-device management without passing on the costs of developing advanced features that may not be relevant to them while also maintaining a version that’s entirely meant for power users and enterprise environments.

What happens to my current Freemium/Premium License?

All Freemium licenses will be converted to Essentials (estimated $19.99/PC/Year) while Premium licenses will be converted to Pro (estimated $29.99/PC/Year).

Yes, we are rewarding our existing users by upgrading their licenses to paid versions.

I am currently using SecureAPlus with a Windows Server OS, how does this affect me?

If you are currently on SecureAPlus Premium for Servers, it will be converted to SecureAPlus Pro for Windows Servers.

If you are currently on SecureAPlus Freemium on a Windows Server OS machine, the license will be converted to SecureAPlus Essentials for Windows Servers.

If you do not renew your Pro/Essentials license for servers, it will be downgraded to a modified version of Lite with no Application Control & Whitelisting features.

I received my License from a promotional activity (event, online giveaway, education program, etc.), will these changes apply to me?

Yes. We are rewarding all our existing users, regardless of they have acquired their Freemium or Premium Licenses.

I have an Expired/Perpetual License. What happens to those?

With the introduction of SecureAPlus Lite, all expired licenses will be converted to this version upon the change.

As there will be no perpetual versions of Essentials and Pro, all Perpetual Freemium licenses will be converted to a 3-Year SecureAPlus Pro license (estimated worth $54.00).

Will the changes apply to unused licenses?

Yes. Unused licenses will be converted to the new licenses and remain inactive until they are activated.

When will the 3-Year Pro License take into effect?

It will immediately take into effect beginning 2-3 July 2019, meaning all Perpetual Licenses converted to SecureAPlus Pro will expire on 2-3 July 2022.

Is the Perpetual Freemium to 3-Year Pro conversion transferrable?

Yes. Unlike the Perpetual Freemium license, upon conversion to SecureAPlus Essentials, it will be transferrable.

Will there be changes to the Viral Security Program?

Yes. Now that everyone falls back to a Lite license, the program will serve as a means to acquire Essentials License at no cost.

However, as an Essentials license is a paid license, we will be tweaking the points required to exchange them into them. Expect that Essentials licenses will cost more than their previous Freemium counterparts.

Can I still exchange my points to Freemium Licenses in the hopes of having them converted to Essential Licenses?

Yes. You can exchange your points for Freemium Licenses (except the Perpetual Licenses) until 1 July 2019. They will then be converted to SecureAPlus Essentials Licenses.

Why aren’t Perpetual Licenses claimable in the Viral Security Program anymore?

With the upcoming introduction of SecureAPlus Lite, there is no longer a need for a Perpetual Freemium license.

Will there still be a trial version?

Yes. New PC users will get a 90-day trial of the Pro version for the first time they install SecureAPlus on their PC. Users already on the Premium trial will get the Pro trial whilst retaining the original trial expiry date.

Can I get a summary of what’s going to happen to my licenses?

Here you go:

Current License   From 2 July 2019 Onward
Premium License   Pro
Perpetual License   Pro (3 Years)
Ultima10X License*   Essentials
Freemium License   Essentials
Expired License   Lite
I have a question about this change that was not covered in this FAQ. What do I do?

Drop as an email at and we’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible.