Besides directly referring a sale of SecureAPlus Premium, SecureAge Ambassadors can also earn additional commissions through Follower Earnings.

Follower Earnings

About Ambassador Earnings & Commissions

A SecureAPlus Account holder is considered an Ambassador’s Follower if it satisfies all of the following criteria:

  1. The Ambassador’s Affiliate Link is the first one the SecureAPlus Account holder used to purchase SecureAPlus Premium
  2. The SecureAPlus Account Holder has upgraded his account to a SecureAge Ambassador and has started referring SecureAPlus Premium

How to be a SecureAge Ambassador

Ambassador’s earn 5% of the total purchase price of all referred sales of their followers. There is no limit as to the number of followers an Ambassador can have as long as it satisfies the above criteria.


The Ambassador has 2 followers – Jack & Jill.

Followers Earnings

Both have referred a sale of SecureAPlus Premium, Jack’s referral had a final purchase price of $100.00 while Jill’s was $150.00. They both earned commissions at the rate of 15% or $15.00 and $22.50 respectively.

In this case, the Ambassador earns $5.00 from Jack and $7.50 from Jill for a total follower earnings of $12.50.

Note that Follower referred sales do not add up to the Ambassador’s 6-month sales total and that earned commissions from Followers also have the same withdrawal limitations of the Ambassador’s commissions.

Ambassador Sales History

More on Withdrawing Ambassador Earnings

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