The SecureAge Ambassador Program let’s users of SecureAPlus earn money by helping promote SecureAPlus Premium to new users.

Just like the Viral Security Program, this is an affiliate program that lets users and supporters of SecureAPlus generate income for promoting the software they already like.

My Sales Earnings

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Every SecureAge Ambassador will have a unique Affiliate Link and which they can use on their preferred channels to promote SecureAPlus. Referred sales will only be recorded if the purchase happens using the affiliate code or link.

Affiliate Code Link


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SecureAge Ambassadors start earning at 15% commission from a referred sale of SecureAPlus Premium. This can grow up to 30% as the number of referred sales grow.

Commission Rate at 25%

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Furthermore, an additional 5% can be earned from sales referred by any of the Ambassador’s Followers (referred users-turned-Ambassadors themselves). This gives Ambassadors an additional incentive to get more people into the program and possibly establish a passive source of income.


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Ambassadors can then start withdrawing their earnings from sales transactions made that are more than 6 months ago. This is to ensure that any returns are accounted for in accordance to SecureAPlus Return Policy.

Ambassador Sales Graph

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