The 10+ Anti-Virus engines of Universal AV continuously protects your PC from threats even while your computer is off through the cloud. Every time you boot/reboot your computer, SecureAPlus immediately reports the latest status of your computer as soon as it connects to Universal AV based on the latest combined library of threats from our multiple cloud engines.

This allows us to immediately tell users whether any recent file has been newly recognized as a potential threat whereby immediate action may be needed for true 24/7 protection.

When there are no threats detected, SecureAPlus simply tells you the good news.

Disabling the “Good News” Message Prompt

Some users may prefer to disable this feature which can be done through the following steps:

  1. Launch SecureAPlus > App Settings

  1. In the App Settings menu, click on Universal AV 
  1. Toggle on/off to enable/disable the Good News dialog when no virus is detected by Universal AV.

Note that SecureAPlus will still prompt you upon boot up if Universal AV has detected a threat while your computer is off or during the automatic full system scan during startup.

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