SecureAPlus for Android have configurable settings that can be found by swiping right to open the left sidebar or tap on the menu icon to expand the Menu.

Tap Settings from the side menu to display all the configurable app settings.

Configuring the SecureAPlus for Android Settings

SecureAPlus for Android settings can be enabled and disabled via a toggle. Below is what the settings page looks like with labels to help explain how each of these settings affect how SecureAPlus for Android functions:

1 – Wifi Only

Tap to toggle Wifi Only on to ensure that SecureAPlus for Android will only upload applications when connected to Wi-fi.

2 – Real-time Scan

Tap to toggle Real-time Scan on to automatically scan newly installed applications.

3 – Auto

Tap to toggle Auto on to automatically upload unknown applications to the Universal AV servers for scanning and analysis.

4 – Vibrate

Tap Vibrate to allow your Android phone to vibrate when receiving any SecureAPlus notifications.