As part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, SecureAge Technology has a 100% Guarantee for all paying customers. This has implications that affect Ambassador and Follower earnings and will be discussed below.

Amendment of Earnings

Any Ambassador earnings/commissions from referred or follower sales that have been returned as fulfilment for the 100% Guarantee will be deducted from the Ambassador’s earnings.

The same is also true if any referred sales transactions by the ambassadors or his/her follower has been subjected to a chargeback. While the circumstances of the invalidation of the transaction are different, a transaction subjected to a chargeback is not eligible for commissions.

Any other reasonable incidental costs such as admin costs and chargeback fees will be borne by SecureAge Technology.

Learn About the 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Recomputation of Commissions Rates and Earnings

Furthermore, Ambassador’s (and associated Followers) who have transactions subject to returns and chargebacks will have the commissions earned from subsequent transactions recomputed.

This is to possibly shift applying a higher commission rate to subsequent transactions if the commission rate changed from tier to another. This may result in affected transactions to have lower earnings than initially shown.


At the start of the month, the Ambassador has referred sales from prior months amounting to $600 with a current commission rate of 20%.

Ambassador Earnings Deduction

He then made his first referred sale of the month amounting to $1,000, still earning him 20% or $200 for the transaction.

Ambassador Earnings Deduction

With that, his commission rate increased from 20% to 25% as the total sales over a period of 6 months (2nd – 7th Month) is $1,500.00. 

Ambassador Earnings Deduction

The next day, he made another referred sale of $2,000, and with the higher commission rate of 25%, he earned $500 for that transaction. On the following day he then made another sale for $800, earning him $200 in commissions with the 25% commission rate.

Ambassador Earnings Deduction

He ended the week with total new referred sales of $3,800, a commission rate of 25%, and earnings of $900.

On the following week, the first transaction ($1,000) was reversed due to a refund request. This means that:

Ambassador Earnings Deduction

1. He now has a lower commission rate for the $2,000 transaction. After recomputing at 20% commissions, his earnings from that transaction are now $400.

2. The third transaction is unaffected since the $2,000 referred sale effectively moved the commissions back to 25%.

All recomputed or deducted earnings will be reflected on the Summary & My Earnings page of the Ambassador Program.

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