The SecureAge Ambassador Program has a tiered commission rate system to reward Ambassadors who consistently refer purchases of SecureAPlus Premium.

 Total Sales (over last 6 months) Commission Rate
$1.00 – 199.99 15%
 $200.00 – 999.99 20%
 $1,000.00 – 4,999.99 25%
 $5,000.00 and above 30%

The applicable commission rate is determined based on the total referred SecureAPlus Premium purchases made over a 6-month period. This amount is taken from the final purchase price and is updated regularly. Besides direct referrals, Ambassadors can also get additional commissions through Follower Earnings.

Follower Earnings

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Note that if the transaction causes the commission rate to increase, the change will be applicable on the next referred sale.


Today, the Ambassador’s total sales over a period of 6 months is $1,200.00.

Half of that was from a single referred sale that happened exactly 6 months prior. He now makes a referred sale with a final purchase price of $200.00 and with the prevailing interest at 25% he gets $50 in commissions.

The next day, he made another referred sale with a final purchase price of $100.00. This time around, his 6-month total sales is only $900.00 so the prevailing commission went down to 20% or $20.00.

Subsequently, the same Ambassador manages to make another referred sale valued with a final purchase price of $200. The commission rate is now back 25% or $50.00 in commissions.

Besides the natural decrease of total sales made during the 6-month period, the commission rate can also decrease due to returns and chargebacks during the period and an adjustment in commissions earned will be implemented to all affected transactions.

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A quick view of the total sales over the past 6 months can be found on the Ambassador Summary page.

Sales Summary

For more details, Ambassadors can also visit their My Earnings and Sales History page.

Ambassador Sales History

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