Upon completion of SecureAPlus installation, click on the SecureAPlus tray icon from the desktop taskbar to open the SecureAPlus Initial Full System Scan window.


The SecureAPlus Main Console will be shown.



SecureAPlus Initial Full System Scan window can be accessible by one of the following ways as shown below:

 1. Click on View UAV Status on the SecureAPlus Main Console



2. Click on App Settings > Application Whitelisting > Advanced Settings > Initial Application Whitelisting

The SecureAPlus Initial Full System Scan window will be shown.

By default, the speed of full system scan is set to Normal. In selecting Normal, if the computer is idle, it will speed up the scanning speed, which may potentially consume more resources.

The speed of the full system scan can be adjusted to Slow, Normal or Fast by selecting it under Scanning Speed via the SecureAPlus Initial Full System Scan window. Do set it to Slow for the the resources to stay low.

If the Pause icon is clicked, the initial full system scan will be paused.

To resume your Initial Full System Scan from where it last stops, you can click on Resume icon.

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